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2 min readMar 28, 2022


Love GameYoo as much as we do?

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We are looking for you!

If you really want to help the community grow, now is your chance.

Of course, weekly GYC airdrops will be offered as gratitude for your care and hardwork towards the community!

1) No random invites

2) Max number of users 300 (subject to change)

3) We work together. Be resourceful, committed, be GameYoo


1) No random invites

2) No advertising or selling.

3) This server is not a marketplace: do not ask for money or in-game currency, try to buy / sell / giveaway anything. This includes messaging any user on the group.

4) Remain civil and considerate towards other users: This includes avoiding politically inflammatory content or discussions, or sharing anything intended or likely to cause upset or offence.

5) No spamming: This includes repeated use of bot commands, misuse of spoiler tags / code blocks / special text, rapidly switching voice channels or tagging people who are not currently active in the chat.

6) Max number of users 300 (subject to change)

7) We work together. Be resourceful, be committed, be GameYoo!

Airdrop Schedule for qualified participants:

Weekly airdrop of GYC tokens to active GameYoo squad members of this group.

$300 worth in GYC tokens.

Airdrop schedule starts as soon as we have reached the 300 active members limit on the group.